About DJ K DEE

With over 20 years industry experience DJ K DEE has firmly established himself as not only Melbourne’s but one of Australia’s leading and most demanded urban club DJs. Through out his career this club Veteran has rocked festivals and venues not only nationally but internationally and has supported and played along side many major local and international acts such as Snoop Dogg, Usher, Eminem, Cypress Hill, Mobb Deep, DPG, Eric Bellenger, 112, Next & many many more.

DJ K DEE’s journey began in the 90’s where he entered the scene under his former well known alias DJ DEAN K. Like most DJs, K DEE paid his dues by performing at local house party’s which back in the 90’s as some of us can remember were on a whole other level to those of this generation. This quickly built K DEE’s reputation as one of go to DJs of his area and lead to opportunities to be apart of some of the biggest underage events of that time including the likes of Radiation, Time at The Metro and Warehouse.

Once K DEE reached the legal age of 18 he quickly took the Melbourne clubbing scene by storm as the demand for him by that time was stronger than ever and he gained countless residencies and within no time was playing 7 nights a week. This was where K DEE met 6 other local DJs and teamed up for the release of the extremely successful mixtape we all know or have heard of called “THE SEVEN DEADLY SPINS.” This CD made its way into many stores throughout Australia and had sold out and is still sort after today. During this period K DEE found his passion for RADIO and got his first Radio show which was on HITZ FM, this show was extremely popular and K DEE was then able to establish himself within that industry also. Throughout the closer following years he  had successful radio shows on other stations such as KIX FM, STREET FM and until only recently could still be heard on KISS FM for the show ‘RADIO TAKEOVER.’

K DEE then teamed up with ‘Midnight Entertainment’ who at the time were (and still are to some extent) this countries leading entertainment powerhouse and began to work with many local artists/DJs and began regularly touring the country. He also teamed up with “Restless Entertainment’ which was the beginning of a long lasting relationship which still goes to date and performed from the grand opening to the closing of ‘Rhythmalism’ Thursday nights. This weekly clubbing event was one of Melbourne’s longest running Hip Hop/RnB nights which lasted for over 13 years.

This is just a short story of how K DEE entered the scene showing some of the dues he’s paid. Since then his career has only risen to greater heights and led to some amazing opportunities. This DJ has shown that he seriously knows how to rock a crowd and just as importantly bring them back to a venue. He has proven this time after time by being the main set resident DJ of multiple weekly clubbing events that have lasted longer than 10 years.

You can catch K DEE in a club near you and listen to him every Saturday night on your radio mixing it up on ‘KIIS FM’ for ‘Rodney O’s Block Party’ between the hours of 8pm – Midnight. (Melbourne 101.1FM Sydney 106.5FM & iHeartRadio.)